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New Blog Announcement!

It is the start of a new year and we have decided to move our blog to a new platform for a fresh start with some awesome new features. All of our old posts have been transferred over and are now much more easier to navigate between categories. Make sure to hop on over to … Continue reading New Blog Announcement!

Algorithm Bias

This In the Know post is all about algorithms. Whether they be on social media, new technology, or old; algorithms are systemically problematic. So let’s look at how they are being discussed lately in the news. Scroll to the end for this post for this week’s news round-up. 1. Instagram Algorithms “The irony that we’re … Continue reading Algorithm Bias

CompuGirl Spring Camp Curriculum

We’re excited to announce our CompuGirls Hawai’i Spring Camp beginning February 20th, 2021! This nine-week course continues the accumulation of Cybersecurity knowledge, skills, and experiences aimed at high school girls in Hawai’i. Throughout the virtual camp, students will solidify their understanding and definition of cybersecurity, collaborate with peers, learn how to use ciphers to solve … Continue reading CompuGirl Spring Camp Curriculum