Elaine Arrieta, the education outreach specialist with CGEST, is surveying rural schools in Arizona to determine the resources impacting the students’ success. Schools in rural areas can lack the technology and reliable internet access as a threshold for preventing women of color to strive in STEM fields. By analyzing the data from the survey, the CompuPower team can determine the areas that need to reevaluate and to recruit more attention from the school administrations in providing a better learning environment in which both students and teachers are set up for success during the shift from in-person to online teaching due to COVID-19. Click here for more information about the curriculum in the CompuPower program.

Simultaneously, Dr. Tara Nkrumah is evaluating the CompuPower curriculum to increase parental engagement with the program and teachers’ ability to mentor students in preparation for the upcoming virtual Summer Residency Experience program in summer 2021. For this year, the virtual Summer Residential Experience (SRE) will include recorded videos from industry leaders discussing career experiences, virtual STEM lab introductions, and college experiences to interact with peers and industry mentors. Students will engage in real-world activities that build essential technical to personal skills that lead to success in STEM fields. Click here for more information about the annual original SRE in the CompuPower program.

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